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Paging Systems

Paging Systems are a public address or loudspeaker wireless communication system specially designed for a one-way communication to a large group to make announcements and notify or summon people. In large buildings, paging systems commonly are divided into a number of zones, or coverage areas. This user-friendly device helps in sending quick messages and eases down your communication worries where voice calls might not be desired (or possible).

ICWPA is certified in Bogen.

Some Benefits and Advantages of Paging Systems

There are a number of advantages to using a one-way paging system versus other means of mass communication:

  • Emails are often ignored or captured by spam blockers.
  • Mass texts depend on a strong, local phone network.
  • A paging system is hard-wired into the building’s infrastructure, allowing reliable mass communication.
  • A network of speakers ensure that a message is communicated to every area of a building simultaneously. It’s also possible to send pages to specific building “zones” if needed.
  • Another key benefit of a paging system is that no dedicated broadcast mechanism is required. An employee can simply pick up the phone, select the paging system and broadcast to the entire building.